At the core of everything we do
from training to daily practice we
keep safety our top priotity.


SAFETY is at the Heart of
Everything Highmark
Erectors Does.

We understand that without safety, our business will not be successful. Our goal is to make sure all of our employees go home every night to their loved ones. We accomplish this goal utilizing proper employee education, training, and support. We believe that there are three main keys to maintaining a safe work environment. They are as follows:


Our communication between our supervisors, safety coordinator and upper management is the foundation to our success. High levels of communication allow our projects to continue to be completed accident free and efficiently. We conduct supervisor meetings monthly, with our upper management, that allows us to know and understand what is happening on other projects. This helps us to stay well organized and effective with our safety.

Proper Education &

Highmark Erectors believes the education and training of all our employees plays a major role in their safety and our success. We offer such training as Forklift Certification, OSHA 10 Hour, CPR & First AID, Rigger & Signalman Certification, Crane Certifications, and more. With this education, it helps all our employees to make the right choices in the field when it comes to safety.

Consistency With Our
Safety Program

We understand that consistency is the key to understanding. Our Project Supervisors keep consistent with each other, our safety management, and our project specific safety plans. We follow all current OSHA standards and preach that these are laws put in place to maintain a safe work environment. Our number one asset is our employees and we never take their safety for granted.
Every week a Job Hazard Analysis is completed onsite. At this point we talk about different hazardous tasks we will encounter for that week. Every morning all employees partake in a tailgate meeting. This conversation includes different aspects of the project and allows everyone to know what they will be doing for that day.

Workplace Safety Culture

Safety training is an integral part of our employee on-boarding process, but it also requires regular “refresher” courses. This is because the industry safety standards and protocols are constantly changing. Along with the ever changing safety standards, it is inevitable, but over time, employee alertness goes down.
Our Workplace Safety Culture starts at the top. Each individual within the Highmark Erectors’ family is held accountable for their own safety. Our Project Specific Safety Plans along with our Daily Tailgate Meetings and weekly Job Hazard Analysis help to create an open communication between employees in the field and the management team. We are able to analyze and manage safety sensitive tasks in a way that maintain and abide by all safety standards and practices.