West Cheyenne Substation


West Cheyenne Substation is being constructed for Cheyenne Light, Fuel and Power Company. The 115kV switchyard includes scopes of work such as: providing and installing gravel base course, as well as the electrical component crushed, clean rock; concrete foundations; 400 linear feet of cable trench; below grade and above grade conduit; below grade and above grade conduit; erecting steel structures; rigid and strain buses; power and control cable installation and termination; major equipment install; substation shielding; fiber installation, termination, & testing. The major equipment required for the West Cheyenne Substation includes (8) 115kV Power Circuit Breakers, (20) 115kV Disconnect Switches, (5) sets of 3Ø - 115kV CVT's, (1) - SingleØ - 115kV CVT, (1) - 3Ø - 115kV CTPT, (1) SingleØ - 115kV PPT, & install the prefabricated Control Building. Foundation construction started in late 2019, and will be completed by the beginning of June 2020. The West Cheyenne Substation will be energized shortly after the substation is commissioned.

115 kV Switching Station

Substation Voltage

June, 2020

Est. Completion Date

Cheyenne Light, Fuel and Power Company


Cheyenne, WY, USA



Substation Type



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