Corriedale Wind Energy


Highmark Erectors, Inc. will be constructing the new Corriedale Substation for Black Hills Corporation, Inc. in Laramie County, WY. Our scopes of work for this project includes constructing a new substation pad, concrete foundations installation, chain link fence install, major equipment install, rigid bus welding, strain bus, below grade and above grade grounding and conduit, power & control cable install, and about 1.5 miles of 115kV Transmission Line work. Highmark Erectors is responsible for cable terminating, coordinating with the owner for setting of the control enclosure and power transformer. Also in Highmark Erectors' scope is ground grid testing and functional testing of all equipment installed for this project. The 115kV Transmission Line will tie the wind farm to the West Cheyenne Substation that Highmark Erectors, Inc. constructed in the later portion of 2019 and into the first portion of 2020. The estimated completion of the Corriedale Substation is 8/21/2020.

115-34.5kV Substation

Substation Voltage

August, 2020

Est. Completion Date

Black Hills Corporation, Inc.


Cheyenne, WY, USA



Substation Type



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