Anamosa Substation Construction


The Anamosa Substation Construction is a rehab project that is being completed for Black Hills Power, Inc. The project is located in Rapid City, SD. Scopes of work on this 69 - 12.47kV substation project will consist of a complete tare down of the existing substation. The demolition will consist of major equipment removals including the power transformer, switchgear building, steel structures, rigid buses and strain buses, ground grid removals, concrete foundations, and fence. Once the removals are completed, the yard will be rough graded and drain tile installed to help with the project's ground stability. The Anamosa Substation's new installation scopes of work will include: new ground grid, conduits, foundations, rigid and strain buses, major equipment installation, steel erection, and fence. This project will tentatively start sometime in early May and be completed by the fall of 2020.

69-12.47kV Substation

Substation Voltage

September, 2020

Est. Completion Date

Black Hills Corporation


Rapid City, SD, USA



Substation Type



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